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Discover a breakthrough way to link employees’ daily job duties to the organization’s purpose, and watch employee engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction soar!

Nearly every organization has a mission, vision, or purpose statement that is displayed on its website or framed and mounted in the executive corridor. But it is largely unknown to employees and seemingly unrelated to their daily jobs.

As a result, while employees may possess the knowledge and skills to do their jobs, they are unaware of what bestselling customer service author Steve Curtin calls job purpose: how their specific tasks contribute to the organization’s reason for being. They understand what to do and how to do it, but not why they do it.

Curtin offers a fresh tool to overcome this challenge. The Revelation Conversation is a one-on-one exchange where leaders and managers involve employees in the discovery of their total job role, connect job duties to job purpose, and inspire greater employee engagement. Instead of just assignments to work on, they now have a purpose to work towards. Service quality goes from transactional to exceptional.

The book contains dozens of illustrations of how leading companies link their corporate ideals to employees’ daily job responsibilities. By creating an environment for employees to do work that matters rather than simply check boxes and go through the motions, employers will reap the benefits of higher levels of employee engagement, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Steve Curtin is the author of the bestselling Delight Your Customers and is a globally known expert and speaker on customer service management and leadership. Curtin was rated fourth by Global Guru on its annual listing of the top thirty experts in the world on the topic of customer service. Before launching his company in 2007, he had a twenty-year career with Marriott International. His client list includes Carnival Cruise Line, NAPA Auto Parts, T.J. Maxx, and HealthONE.


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The Revelation Conversation

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