Your dentist knows if you’re flossing

I know I’ve done it. I acknowledge the importance of flossing and commit to my dentist that I’ll floss twice daily over the next six months between cleanings. Then, as my appointment nears, I’ll realize how inconsistent I’ve been and make a special effort to floss in the days preceding my visit.

During my oral exam, not wanting to put me on the defensive, Dr. Gates will generally ask me a non-threatening question such as, “So, how have you been doing with your flossing?”

That’s when I say something convincing like, “Uh… Can you repeat the question?”

Dr. Gates already knows the answer.

This week is Customer Service Week and, similar to my flossing analogy, the customer already knows if you’re serving.

Even if service providers rise to the occasion in the shadow of a prominently displayed Customer Service Week banner, customers know the reality: Customer service across industries is pretty mediocre.

Despite the hoopla, banners, and buttons lauding the importance of customers and customer service, the reality is that many customers at participating companies will remain underserved this week, as they were last week, and as they will be next week.

Besides, shouldn’t every week be Customer Service Week?

Some companies will spend more time and effort staging events in preparation for Customer Service Week, October 4-8, than they will spend celebrating customers and delivering exceptional customer service during the remaining 51 weeks of the year.

And, just like Dr. Gates, the customer will know.

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