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Timely, Efficiently, Affordably. Assistly.

Last week I spent some time on the phone with Alyson from Assistly, Inc. During our call, she provided me with some background information about the company, its purpose, its clientele (which includes Twitter), and what’s coming next…

Here’s a quick summary:

Assistly is a hosted customer support platform for businesses that operates in real time. Its help desk software collects and organizes all customer conversations into a system that makes customer support efficient, fast, and effective. Assistly delivers the most current and relevant information about customer requests. This comprehensive, real-time view captures not only what customers are saying to a business but also about a business so it can intervene to manage its reputation and capitalize on “good buzz.”

Today, even small and medium sized businesses might have millions of customers all over the world. Being able to service those customers requires a quantum leap in efficiency through automated tools. Assistly integrates traditional support channels (self service, phone, email, chat) with social media channels like Twitter and Facebook (coming soon) to give companies a complete overview of all customer conversations. This enables a business to prioritize all of its inquiries and ensure that the right people in the organization are responding to the right customer requests.

Assistly recognizes that customer support is not one person or one department’s function. Everyone should touch support. To that end, Assistly has developed a flexible, innovative pricing model that allows companies to have as many agents as they wish. Users simply pay by the hour of usage for part-time users of the system, for complete flexibility in the support environment. No costly licensing—enabling more employees to be involved in crucial support and service.

What really impressed me about Assistly is its focus on delivering a great product AND exceptional support to its partners. Assistly accomplishes this with a corporate culture of genuine service and support, transparency around its product and business model, and a core belief that its customers are its greatest asset.

If you’re interested in learning more about what Assistly can do for you, email them at sales (at) assistly (dot) com or call: 877.226.9212 And stay abreast of developments by following them on Twitter: @Assistly

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