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The Energy Bus

I recently received a review copy of The Energy Bus by Jon Gordon. It was a quick read consisting of 34 short chapters—some of which were only two pages long.

The book relates a fictional story about George, a mid-level manager whose work and family life was in disarray before meeting a wise bus driver named Joy who, with the help of a busload of loyal passengers on Bus #11, shares 10 Rules For The Ride of Your Life.

There are many business books out there that read like textbooks—filled with jargon, research, references, charts and graphs. These are the books that are often started but seldom finished. Gordon’s book is different.  He uses plain language and characters that are regular folks to impart simple lessons that other authors take 300 pages to explain.

And unlike some books that have used a similar storytelling format, Gordon’s book addresses some difficult real-life work situations head-on. For instance, how to deal with employees who are negative, insubordinate, or choose not to support the organization’s standards or mission.

The final chapter provides a recap of the 10 Rules followed by a summarized action plan and web-based resources at to further reinforce the lessons.

The Energy Bus also supports several points about exceptional customer service that I often make during my own presentations:

  • It’s an employee’s highest priority.
  • It’s voluntary and requires a deliberate choice by the service provider.
  • Conveying authentic enthusiasm enhances the customer’s experience.
  • Customers do not remember their interactions with us. Rather they recall moments during those interactions.

Whether you are looking to improve your performance in the area of leadership, communication, accountability, personal energy, or customer service, this book can help. Get on the bus! Check out Gordon’s book and refuel your life, work, and team with positive energy!

The New Year is upon us. Bus #11 is pulling up now. Are you ready to board?

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