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Nordstrom is on the “Knotty” List

My local Nordstrom recently sponsored a Kids Shoe Tying Class where children worked one-on-one with a shoe department associate to learn the “secret trick” to tying a shoe. Afterward, children received a “Real Knotty Behavior” certificate and a balloon to recognize their newly acquired skill.

This event illustrates seven simple ways to raise customer service quality from ordinary to extraordinary and provides insight into what differentiates Nordstrom from typical retailers.

By hosting the event, Nordstrom:

1.) expressed genuine interest in helping children to learn a school-ready skill

2.) shared unique knowledge by revealing the “secret trick” to tying a shoe

3.) conveyed authentic enthusiasm for serving children (and their parents)

4.) provided sincere and specific compliments by recognizing children for their newly acquired skill

5.) used appropriate humor by providing “Real Knotty Behavior” certificates

6.) provided pleasant surprises by presenting children with balloons

7.) delivered service heroics by freeing up 30-minutes of unencumbered shopping time for parents

As a result of its customer focus and creativity (as illustrated by its Kids Shoe Tying Class), Nordstrom is making positive lasting impressions on current and future generations of shoppers, earning a spot on this year’s “Knotty” list.

Happy Holidays!

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