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“While employees consistently execute the mandatory job functions for which they are paid, they inconsistently demonstrate voluntary customer service behaviors for which there is little or no additional cost to their employer.”

~Steve Curtin

Watch Steve’s video that answers three critical questions that he often receives during Q&A sessions.

Steve Curtin was rated #4 by Global Guru on its annual listing of the Top 30 experts in the world on the topic of customer service.

Steve is the author of Delight Your Customers and The Revelation Conversation. He wrote the books to address two nagging observations:

1.) Most employees describe the totality of their job roles in terms of job functions (duties and tasks), with little or no awareness of job essence (their single highest priority at work). As a result, encounters with these employees feel more like routine transactions than memorable experiences.

2.) While most sophisticated organizations have articulated a mission, vision, or purpose statement and a set of core values, few employees can recall them. As a result, they are unable to connect their daily work activities to the higher purpose of the organization and job role.

After a 20-year career with Marriott International working in hotel operations, sales and marketing, and training and development, Steve now devotes his time to speaking, consulting, and writing on the topic of extraordinary customer service. Steve is an accredited 15-year member of the National Speakers Association.

He lives in Denver with his wife, four children, and a Goldendoodle named Nugget.

The Revelation Conversation

The Revelation Conversation is Here!