2008 Industry Leaders Survey

Thanks to all of you who participated in this year’s survey! The unique perspectives shared in the survey feedback and analysis produced some interesting results. My hope is that the information can be used to improve the product and service quality for those who choose to read it, share it, discuss it, and act upon it.
All the best,


In a recent survey, industry professionals identified the top three contributors to the industry-wide decline in customer service. Each of these causes is presented along with suggestions intended to mitigate them and support employee and customer satisfaction. Additionally, examples from The Ritz-Carlton, Nordstrom, and Starbucks are provided as illustrations of what each company does, in part, to consistently excel in employee and customer satisfaction. Finally, interpretations of the data are offered with an eye toward providing cost-effective training and a follow-up structure that improves employee commitment to continuous improvement.

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Starbucks card winners:

Jeff B., Phoenix, AZ
Mark C., Frankfurt, Germany
Lisa G., New York, NY
Ron H., Fullerton, CA
David M., Easton, CT
Robert M., Englewood, CO
Kent P., Lincoln, NE
Marianne S., Washington, DC
Jane U., Dallas, TX
Joe V., Indianapolis, IN